LisaOnTheCape Says Goodbye to Cape Cod

Hello friends! I’m writing to you from my new home in the countryside of beautiful Maryland! The last few months have been quite a whirlwind as we traded the picturesque beaches of Cape Cod for the rolling vistas of my home State. Although I will cherish many things about our 7 years as “wash a shores” on the coast of Massachusetts, my heart began longing for a sense of home, and we are thrilled for our new adventures in a town very near where I grew up!

For those of you that followed my lisaonthecape blog, I do hope you’ll join me on my new blog, . Although I enjoyed travel writing, you may have begun to tell that my true passion is writing from the heart. Whether it’s sharing my stories, my faith journey, my lessons and my struggles, my hope is by reading my writing, you’ll identify with some of my experiences. Perhaps you’ll relate to feelings I’ve had, laugh and or sometimes cry along, but in the end, I hope you realize you aren’t as alone on this journey called life as you may have thought.

As a former teen mom turned woman of faith, my experience has been full of ups and downs and my path as they say, has been less than straight. (And surely far from perfect.) However, I’m grateful for a God who never tossed me away like much of the world would have and continues to teach and guide me on my journey every single day. (And He likes to move me around a lot on this journey it seems,  so I’m always learning and experiencing new things, my life is never boring!)

So goodbye and farewell Cape Cod, you’ll always carry beautiful memories of countless sunsets and days spent searching for seashells and playing in the surf. But most importantly, I’ll cherish the few friends I now get to call sisters on this journey of life that I met there, who helped me feel at home even when my broken heart longed to be somewhere else.

For those of you who also feel like you belong somewhere else, my advice is that you only get one life, if yours doesn’t look the way you’d like it to, it might be time to pick up and move as well. As the quote says, “you are not a tree,” or something like that. But be warned, sometimes that may take quite a bit of prayer and a heck of a lot of patience, as it certainly did in my case. But never lose heart, God is faithful, in His timing and in His plan for you. “Bloom where you are planted” as they also say, but never lose hope that He can move mountains, (or move you to Maryland, as He did in my case, so just be clear what you ask for!)

As lisaonthecape comes to an end, I do want to thank all of those who have commented and shared my posts and supported my new journey as a writer/blogger! This has been quite an adventure for me, one where I have been humbled and have had to rely on hefty doses of grace. But truthfully, I do believe I’m just getting started! So, come be imperfect with me, check out my new blog and follow along, I’d love to see you there!


What it Took For a New England Transplant to Embrace Winter!

Snowy Lighthouse
Hello from snow and ice covered Cape Cod! I don’t know about you, but I’m longing for palm trees instead of iced over evergreens, and fruity drinks with umbrellas over hot tea and well, anything else hot! If you know me in real life, or even just through social media, you know I am quick to complain (and maybe even whine a little) about these long New England winters! I am Marylander born and bred, and although they are having quite a winter themselves this year, their usual snow producing periods limit themselves to just a few short weeks. By March they are quick to throw on flip flops and head to the beach for some boardwalk fries and Fishers popcorn hon! (Perhaps I am romanticizing a bit.) Regardless, I often dream of living in a more tropical climate, one where shovels are used for sand and you can hang Christmas lights without getting frostbite!

So without fail, every January I find myself in the same dilemma, could we really run away from the Northeast and trade having all four seasons in favor of a sunny, hot and humid climate? And as tempting as it sounds, there is actually something about winter that I will confess to learning to love, and that I might actually be sad to give up. Winter has an amazing way of slowing things down. Gray skies and snowy days usher in a permission of sorts, a permission to stay at home and burrow underneath a layer of blankets and snuggle up with our thoughts, Netflix or a good book. Something about the sun says go, go, go and do, do, do. Whereas in winter, the cold says slow down, find warmth, seek out comfort. It’s ok, really, you aren’t missing out on that much.

There is an anonymous quote going around social media lately that says nothing blooms all year round, and I think it is not just true for flowers, it is true for all of us too. If we align ourselves with God’s design, then we know along with the weather, there are seasons of life as well. Seasons for birth, new life and new beginnings, and seasons of change, hard endings and sometimes even, death. The planting of new ideas and fresh starts tend to come to us after hard times are endured, as does spring. The time of nurturing these ideas and doing the hard work, signify similarities to summer. Then after that, comes times of celebrating the harvest, reaping what we have sown and enjoying the fruits of our labor. All before the next bought of change is ushered in, very similar to my favorite season of the year, fall.

When winter comes along with its gray days that swallow up the sun, and snow that sends us inside searching for warmth, we may resist and even begin to dread it. I am guilty. Are you? Winter brings change as all seasons do, but it is the difficult kind of change that our human condition is naturally programmed to fight. We want green and growth, winter wants dormancy and rest. We want to sit and bask in the sunshine, God says those days are done, but just for now. We long for weeks filled with activities and action, but winter says how about you sit by this warm and toasty fire and think about things for awhile. Rest. Reflect. Refocus. But that does not come easy. Perhaps we fight resting, reflection and refocusing because we are afraid of what we’ll see when we start looking, and what will need to die off, or change in time for the next season of beginnings. Frankly, none of us usually want to contemplate change, because change is often unknown and we like comfort. But is comfort always what is best?    il_340x270.511691401_h5mz

The truth is that “people grow old, but they don’t always grow wise” says John Maxwell. Wisdom takes honest reflection, and a willingness to make appropriate changes before the next season begins. If you ascribe to that belief, then you realize you actually do need winter. Dormancy provides time to rest, reflect and refocus, it gives permission to slow down and contemplate what changes can be made before the next thing comes along. In the quiet we can refocus and realize some things must die off before the buds of new growth will have room to spring forward. We can embrace the gray with confidence, knowing that sunny days will come, and wonder and dream about what will they look like for us. The fact is, we each only get a certain number of winters in our life, so lets use the time to become wise, not just older.

So although I may still complain (ok, whine) a bit when a nor’easter is headed to Cape Cod, I am learning to embrace all the seasons, even winter. I am choosing to use the downtime to rest, reflect and refocus. I really do want to contemplate what spring will bring forth in my life and make changes in preparation for the new beginnings to come. If this born and bred Marylander can do it, maybe you can do it too! Let’s embrace winter together shall we? (But seriously, if you don’t have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, or simply stink at driving in snow, then may I humbly suggest you embrace winter where you belong: resting, reflecting and refocusing, off the road. At home. Seriously. And if you have a cheap condo for sale in Florida, particularly near Disney, message me on Facebook. I think I can do winter with palm trees, I will just pull down the shades and pump the A/C! Just kidding, sort of.)

Confessions From My Couch: Episode 2/ Peace

Peace. Peace must have been pretty important to Jesus because before He left this planet He decided to bequeath it to us. John 14:27. (Bequeath is just a pretty fancy way of saying He willed it to us, as it is His will and desire for us to have it.)

During this time of year, I’m very interested in finding that sense of peace in the middle of all the Christmas responsibilities I have. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, baking, decorating, shipping, card making, visiting and celebrating, etc. (Frankly, that is a lot of i-n-g words in one sentence, which add up in total to a lot of work-i-n-g!) Sadly far too many years by New Year’s Day I have been known to succumb to exhaustion, meltdowns or even illness. My ho-ho-ho turns into no-no-no and the last thing I feel is surrounded by the peace that Christ died to give me. Instead I trade peace, for tired, irritable & overwhelmed. Does this sound familiar ladies? Can I get a witness?

Have you ever considered that our common enemy also celebrates Christmas? During my study on peace that thought occured to me and frankly it made me down right angry. Now, I don’t think the devil sits around a nativity scene playing Christmas Carols and praising our baby Jesus. But since his main goal is to steal whatever Jesus means for us to have, he does a pretty good job of replacing our peace with all manners of peace stealers instead! (The main one being busyness with all the wonderful things I mentioned above.) I imagine him ugly and red horned, frolocking around with tinsel and lights, laughing hysterically at my tired face and anticipating what is sure to be a meltdown taken out on my poor unsuspecting (and mostly innocent) husband. He waits patiently, like watching a movie he has seen 1000 times, he knows how this plot ends! (I hate that I’m so entertaining and predictable to him, I should just go ahead and pop him some popcorn for the show.)

So, how do I get like this when I surely know better! I know what the “reason for the season is!” How do I get so wrapped up in all the who-ville hoopla and end up on the carousel of craziness that Christmas can become? Well, the answer is simple, somewhere in the middle of all of my good intentions, I lose my peace.

As a believer in Christ I know I have peace, I just misplace it from time to time. Perhaps I leave it under a pile of bills, or under the unrealistic requests of my time people make or on the floor at the line of the grocery store. Or it is hidden under the bags of my eyes from lack of sleep and pushing myself too hard, or under the expectation of perfection that I try so hard to live up to, or under a string of Christmas lights that half work and half don’t! (Yep, that is probably where it is!) Wherever my peace seems to be hiding, like an intense game of hide and go seek, it always finds a good spot and becomes trickier each time I have to go find it! But living without peace is really not living in the Will of God, so find it I must, and so must you.

To paraphrase Joyce Meyers, “hearing from God is not all that difficult. If an item on your to-do list brings you peace, it’s in! If it steals your peace, it’s out! Hearing from God is not about voices, it’s mainly about inner peace and wisdom and the inner witness.” When I check my motivations about doing something, and keep them in balance with loving God, loving myself and loving others, I usually can find peace in the outcome of whether I take on that commitment or not. It’s not the opinions of others that matter, it is the opinion of my Father who loves me and knows my heart. When I pursue Him and what He thinks, peace always follows.

I also have learned to throw perfectionism out the door, and say hello to good enough! Hunting down that perfect gift at the perfect price while decorating the house perfectly while looking perfect and baking the perfect Christmas cookie, is well, perfectly crazy! And a perfect way to lose my peace.

Another and perhaps most important way to combat the enemy, is by spending time with my Father, who is the source of all peace and is the only way to really find and keep my own. Philippians 4:6-8 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Being mindful to have a greatful heart for the house I have to decorate, the family I have to cook and bake for, the friends I have to shop for and visit, and all the ways God blesses me, are what will help me find my peace when it gets lost. Spending time with Him always calms whatever storm I’m facing, and it is that time that usually is the first thing to go when I get busy. (Que the visual of the devil, laughing at that!)

But this year I am determined to guard that time with all my heart, if I don’t have time for God, then my to-do list is out of balance, and a quick way to send me on a game of hide and seek for my peace! If that to-do list is too long, the answer then is to cut out the things that I don’t have peace about to make room for what I believe to be in balance with God’s will.

Lastly, and this is for my mommy friends, a hard lesson that I’ve learned is that my kids would happly trade any perfectly wrapped gift, or decorated cookie or whatever contrived Christmas experience I have come up with, for a happy mom instead. One who laughs and plays and snuggles with them on Christmas morning, without being rushed, tired, overwhelmed and undone. In other words, peaceful mom beats stressful mom any day of the week, but twice on Christmas morning!

So this year I will commit to giving up other people’s opinions, the trap of perfectionism and the plague of busyness in exchange for the peace that Christ left me in His Will. I will hold onto it with both ribbon wrapped hands, and know exactly where to go looking for it should it become temporarily misplaced. And I beg all my friends, mommy and otherwise to join me in doing the same! It’s time to hit stop on the devil’s DVR movie version of our life, make him put down the popcorn and give him a major plot twist! Tell him to put on It’s a Wonderful Life instead, maybe he’ll learn something!

Confessions From my Couch: Episode 1

Most days I spend my “bible study” time on my beloved couch, second cup of coffee in hand, in front of the fire or when it’s warmer outside, with sliders open and a Cape Cod breeze wafting through. During these times I usually start by reading a chapter in a Christian or bible study book. Then I read a devotion, and some amount of scripture and I write out my prayers for others. When I’ve completed all of that, I open up my journal and write a scripture or quote from my reading that touched me in some way, 3 specific things I’m grateful for, and then I write a letter to God. Yup, a letter. It goes something like Dear God, and usually begins with, help me! Help me have discernment with something I’m deciding on. Help me have strength for something I’m hurting over. Help me have forgiveness, for either myself or someone else who I have perceived as wronging me in some way. But lately, about 9 months or so as a matter of fact, it’s been Lord, help me love others. Please, I know how important it is to you, so please, help me. 

It may sound simple to people who don’t struggle with loving people. My husband is a perfect example of one. But for those like me, who know exactly how much weight Jesus places on that most important command, and who has dealt with a multitude of hurtful people in their life, for 9 solid months almost every day in a sincere heartfelt way, I begged God to help me love people. And let me just tell you, I think this may be the greatest struggle in this personal Christian walk of mine, perhaps my 40 year wilderness that I’m trying to fight my way through. 

And although God gives me grace, and I have had some real victory along the way, I still see miles and miles of thick underbrush that must be traveled over before I stumble out of these woods. I want to love others, but my unrealistic expectations and my unmet neediness are constant boulders in my path. So I ask the Lord, please help me out. Throw me a compass, give me a map, send me a guide! But I don’t think any quick and easy fixes are coming my way. He has clearly impressed upon me that He means me to trust Him, not people, and find my expectations completely met in Him and Him alone. Only when I fully do that will I stumble out of the woods and fall at His feet. 

My Pastor has been preaching on what it looks like to be an Authentic Christian for what seems like FOREVER! (Sorry Pastor John.) Every single sermon he brings up the importance of loving others and it is like a dagger to my heart. Man do I love the Lord, hearing that I’m failing Him daily by not truly loving His sheep causes me complete and utter pain. Sermon after sermon I start to feel the heaviness of condemnation slip around my shoulders like a weighted blanket. Now don’t get me wrong, for those that know me they know I’m a pretty nice person. I smile at people, ask them how they are and am always there to lend a hand when someone is in crisis. I volunteer to help at school and church, and buy gifts for friends and take soup to the sick. I pray for people constantly, I try to be an encourager at every opportunity and take time to visit my family who lives far away. But what I have learned over the years is that often when those people no longer need me or I have performed my role in their production of life, I’m quickly (and sometimes painfully) cast aside and left alone until I serve another purpose for them or I rarely if ever, hear from them again. I have experienced this same song and dance for many years, and sad to say, not just outside of my church family. And although my outward appearance still reads nice, and I could never step over anyone that truly needed me, it has left me struggling to still look at people with the open hearted love that Christ calls me to. So when my Pastor settles on the fact that I’m obviously not an Authentic Believer because of this struggle happening in my heart, I want to yell out from the pew “but how do we do it? How do you love people so intent on using you up and tossing you aside? Please, write it down for me so I can get busy doing it! Because frankly, this girl is tired of trying!”

(Boy, I bet I would get a lot of looks rolling into church that next Sunday!) So rightfully so I keep quiet, and I pray about it and write my letters to my Father hoping one day He will tell me because I really, more than anything in this world, want to please Him. So I sit in my wilderness, going round and round the same old tree. Some days it looks like I may find a way out, I will have a victory and I seem to get closer and closer! But I know I still have a ways to go, and I wait until the day I am delivered fully. I want to love people with no expectations. I want to love people completely filled up and so over flowing with the love of God that no matter how our relationship turns out, I will still be full and able to think loving thoughts of them and keep my heart open to be in relationship with them in whatever way suits their needs, not mine. I want to love people with the same unconditional love that I get from Jesus, because my head knows what my heart has yet to grasp, He loves imperfect me although I fail him every single hour of every single day. Why oh why, would I expect more of others than my own Father expects of me? I so desire to love the way Jesus loves me, but man do the hurts of this world seep into my heart and poison me from the inside out. I don’t need to bite into an apple, the enemy uses all manners of entry points into my weak flesh that he doesn’t even bother trying to dress it up in a pretty lie. He uses people’s words, their actions, their heart conditions, their thoughtlessness, their selfishness and their brokenness against me and I fall into the open trap of a hardened heart all of my own accord. Eve must have been way smarter than me! Obviously it took a talking serpent, twisting the truth of God himself and a beautiful deceivingly lucious red apple to get her to fall into that perfectly orchestrated trap. Me, not so much. Just some people hurting my little old feelings. Poor Eve. 

So that is my first couch confession. I’m trying my hand at keeping it real on this blog of mine although I doubt it’s going to win me many friends. But God has convinced me that these things I think, perhaps are not all that rare. That maybe by having someone else say the hard things out loud, someone like you might relate and not feel so alone in this world. Becoming a Christian, a real Authentic one in my opinion, is not going to be an easy path wrapped up in a pretty neat bow. (Especially for those of us who are still tending to the wounds caused by hurtful and thoughtless people countless times in our lives.) We can read the word and know who we “should be” in Christ, but we also need to be accepting of ourselves on our way to getting there. There is no condemnation in Him, only hope. So I hope to love people, I really do. And I have faith enough to know how much my Father loves me even when I fail to. So I will keep asking for His help, I will keep trying, and as long as my heart desires His will above my own, even in the wilderness I will have shelter. As He closes every wound I will become stronger and able to truly love others. Until then, I will be nice. If you see me expect to see a loving attitude, and a heart that truly desires to do better, and know I’m in the process of escaping a wilderness. If you have a map, please help a girl out! 

Some afterthoughts: Pastor John is perfectly lovely and 100% right, my hope as a Christian is to love others- I just feel I’m not quite there yet. I don’t want it to appear as if I disagree. And the Authentic series is a great one, it just seems like a long one when you feel like you don’t measure up. Also, this is not meant to make you dear reader feel sorry for me, God blesses me in many ways, He is just not using a lot of people at the moment to help the process. And lastly, this is not meant to make anyone in my real life feel guilty. It is not about one person or any one scenario, it is a conglomeration of my feelings, of many people in my life, past and present. Ok, I feel better- do you feel better? I hope so, have a great day! 

Used Up

IMG_2306Fall is my favorite time of year. Burnt orange, flaming red, deep rich mahogany brown and bits of emerald green. Colors that make up a pallet the Master Artist Himself perfected, producing images that never fail to set my soul on fire! Everywhere you look on Cape Cod in October you are sure to find yourself amazed, shades of color so vivid that you question if they are indeed real. Only God can create colors that evoke such emotion, reflecting on lakes and ponds and in skies only add to their mesmerizing beauty. The Louvre in Paris holds nothing so beautiful, I assure you, I have been there. To me the beauty is truly in the eye of seeing it all unfold before you without a brush, without a pen and without a lens. You have to see for yourself, as they say. And as a photographer, I stop in my tracks, on my way from one errand to the next, willing to stop and risk being late just to bask in His glorious artwork. My own private showing. “Look what I made for you this morning Lisa,” He says. And I sit silent. My over-burdened mind becomes clear, and I look, I really see. I am completely surrounded by beauty and engulfed in the gift that has been graciously placed before me.  I am humbled. And I am grateful.IMG_2300

This week the leaves began to fall, and my picture perfect images have started to change. With each leaf falling one by one I ponder how the trees will look in just a few short weeks. Bare and withered. A tangled mess of charcoal grey and musky brown, the limbs left exposed, dry and brittle. All used up. I think to myself, I feel like that sometimes. Do you? Do you ever feel like when you’re at your best, in full bloom and producing good things in your life, people want to stop and see you, celebrate your beautiful display and maybe even pick a leaf from your tree of life? Until one day, circumstances change, and there you are, left feeling bare and used up, with nothing left to give. People drive by, they don’t stop. Your artwork is no longer appreciated.

Dear sister in Christ, let me remind you who created you. The same Master Artist that paints the sky with fiery bright red sunsets, and oceans with the deepest aquamarine blue, made you and I to be His perfect creation, made in His image. He sees us exactly as He originally created, perfect, full of color and contrasts, a landscape untouched by the world and its’ false sense of beauty. We may feel bare, and the world may have depleted us of some of our resources, but God sees what is underneath and knows what grows beneath the surface. Seasons of our life may change, with our feelings falling faster than the leaves of fall. But rooted in our Father’s love, we are created to wither the storms of this life and not bend to the world’s vision of us. If we stay true to our roots, we will not be moved. We must not forget Who made us, and although we may look and feel used up, dry and brittle, there is new life growing. This season will pass. The Master Artist is just painting another scene, one that stops people in their tracks to notice. Rest in that knowledge and believe in the beauty He sees in you.IMG_2612

As I now sit and look at a pile dried up fallen leaves, I think of all the ways we need to shed our own disappointments, failures, hurts and tears. If we were to hold onto them, we would never experience the new things God wants to grow in our life. Isaiah 43:19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? Don’t be afraid to let go of your used up leaves my friend, there may be a time where you feel bare, but be patient. Rest on the word of God that He has a good plan for you, anything that is taken away or lost, will not be lost forever. And if it can be repaid back, it will be done, with interest! And then step back, and wait for your new colors to burst, for the sun to rise on a new season in your life, for you are not used up. You are being re-used, recycled, recreated, and used for His glory. The Master Artist is about to create a Masterpiece, and I’ve seen His work, He will not disappoint.

I’m Not Lucky…

Summer is almost over, but what a glorious one it has been on Cape Cod! It’s been hot and sunny with perfect beach days almost every day! As a stay at home mom I have enjoyed care free days with my youngest, plenty of beach time, traveling, long walks along the canal, and even some days spent hanging out in our PJ’s. I’m so lucky, or at least that’s what some people think. 

But the truth is, they may only know the 40 year old me, the Christian me who came to her faith later in life. The one they hear laugh out loud and chat about Disney vacations and Bible studies. It may be tempting to think that I don’t have a care in the world! Lucky, lucky me.

Actually, if you do really know me, then you know that I have faced a great many challenges in my life that might not be reflected in my smile, or in my Facebook posts. A difficult and tumultuous childhood led the way to a teen pregnancy. Ultimately I found myself raising a bi-racial child on my own. I worked midnight shifts unloading trucks at Wal-Mart, 12 hour shifts working in factories and remember sweeping my apartment floor with a broom because I had no vacuum. I had no self esteem and fell for any cute guy with a promise of love, so I also found myself in some pretty rocky relationships. (If rocky is a nice word for abusive.) All the while I put one foot in front of the other, graduated with an AA degree, and after getting a job as a bank teller worked my way up the ladder in banking. Ultimately I serviced one the countries’ highest dollar accounts for one of the top 5 largest banks, not too shabby for a teen mom. In banking I met my now husband, Mr. Not Rocky, who gave me the promise of love and ultimatly kept it. Then by the grace of God I found my faith, which changed everything. So yeah, I guess I got lucky, or did I? 

As a blogger I have been in a love hate relationship with “blogging” for awhile now. I love to write about Disney tips, fun things to do on Cape Cod, pen a book review here or there or write about experiences that I’ve had. But to open up my heart, oh, I really do hate that. You see, when you open up your heart, you invite in some critics. And I have had my fair share! But I really felt called to write this post after a friend who sees my Facebook posts and IG pictures told me how lucky I am with the life I have. It bothered me to hear that and I couldn’t figure out why. But after thinking it through, I think it’s the word “lucky” that is at the heart of my frustration. I guess I see someone that is lucky as someone who wins the lottery! Someone who weighs the risk of going all in and tosses their fate in the wind! Someone who has no skin in the game but wins the prize anyway. Me, lucky? No. I’m not lucky. 

Here is what I am. I am a child of God. I may have had to spend quite a few years in the wilderness, but by His grace, I came out the other side. I worked hard, I wasn’t a victim and I didn’t give up. (I had no choice, it was not my game to lose, I had a child to raise.) While my friends were picking out prom dresses, I was looking for childcare, working to buy diapers, studying on my breaks. When they were going to college parties, I was working overnights, wishing for some sleep. By the time they got married and settled down, I was raising a Tween. I was mom and dad, provider, maid, cook, full time student and all before the age of 20. It was hard, the days were long and I certainly did not feel “lucky.” 

I wrote this post not to elicit any pity from you. I wrote it so that yet another one of God’s children can share their story of redemption. And by sharing, perhaps those who face hardships, tough beginnings and dire circumstances will find hope in my story.  God can and will right your wrongs, He can and will pay you back for whatever you have lost. As a Pastor friend of mine once said, “God is in the recycling business. He takes what the world would throw away as trash and he makes it new! Then He uses it, for His glory.” A lot of people said I was trash, pregnant at 16. And they said that my beautiful baby girl would be trash too. But gratefully, God said no. And then He brought people and opportunities into my life, He strengthened me for my journey and He never gave up on me. I thought about that the day I sat at my baby girl’s college graduation ceremony, with tears in my eyes and thanksgiving in my heart. It was a recycling day in my life that day, and it was amazing to reflect on how nothing is beyond God’s reach. 

So, for those that know me, you can call me a lot of things. I’m a stay at home mom to support my husband’s career in which he travels a lot. I’m a wanna-be photographer/decorator/blogger, who loves a good sunset, decorating my home and planning all my friends’ Disney vacations. I’m the PTA mom, book clubber, Social Media guru and church lady/Jesus freak. I quite enjoy my days living in beautiful Cape Cod and I love a good day trip! (Really, take me anywhere and I’m ready to go!) I have a few pretty great friends but I have been married to my best friend, Mr. Non-Rocky, for over 17 years- and I love him a bunch! I have a great life, there is no question. But because of where I have been, I thank God every single day for it. Thank you God that I’m recycled! Thank you God that I’m redeemed! Thank you God, I’m so grateful! But make no mistake, never do I ever thank Him for being “lucky.” 

If you have your own story of redemption, don’t let the critics keep you from sharing it. Yes, you may uncover things that might surprise people. Those things may get the gossip wheels turning. But I encourage you to open your heart to simply inspire someone else who is deceived by pretty pictures and positive Facebook posts. We all have trouble in this world. No one’s life is perfect. We are all on a journey that is not easy at times- but most of all, we are not alone. We are not trash. We may not be lucky, but we can be redeemed! And there really isn’t too much the critics and gossips can say about that.

Mayflower Beach


One of things I love about living on Cape Cod is the variety of beaches to be found here. From rocky New England coast line beaches, to high surf and waves crashing beaches to smooth sand bay side beaches, there really is something for every beach goer here. However, you may need to do a little research before you go on which type you are looking for and where to find them.

Mayflower Beach is located in Dennis, which is considered to be mid-cape. It faces the Cape Cod Bay, which means the waters are typically warmer than those that face the Nantucket Sound or Atlantic Ocean. For that reason alone, I am a huge fan already! Mayflower is a great beach to visit with families and small children as you won’t get the high surf most ocean facing beaches have. Also, when the tide goes out, you are left with miles of white sand and warm tidal pools to play in and explore.

Here on Cape Cod residents of the town in which the beach belongs to can purchase resident stickers for the entire season. However, if you are vacationing here or visiting from another town, you must buy a beach sticker for the day. Mayflower Beach stickers for non-residents are $20 during the week and $25 during weekends and holidays. However, one of the draw backs to the most popular Cape Cod beaches such as this one, is the fact that you need to be up quite early to get a parking spot for the day before they close the lot due to capacity. One of the ways my family has learned to avoid this is to wait until after 4:00 and head out to the beach with a packed picnic dinner instead of spending the day. We never have a hard time finding parking and usually the water is still warm enough for a swim. We also can catch an amazing sunset with a relatively deserted beach practically to ourselves. (Our motto for living in a tourist destination is to do everything possible as opposite as everyone else! This helps avoid frustration with the crowds and the traffic.)

If you choose to visit Mayflower Beach there is a lovely boardwalk which makes accessibility very easy. Remember to get there early if you want to spend an entire day there, and on your way out of Dennis be sure to stop for ice cream at one of my favorite ice cream spots on Cape Cod, the Ice Cream Smuggler! Located at 716 Main St., this place has the best hot fudge sundae you’ll ever eat! How do I know? Ask Duff from the Food Network, he is the one that shared that tip on the show “The Best Thing I Ever Ate!” You won’t be disappointed! Tell me, what is your favorite Cape Cod beach?